The body arrived a few weeks ago but with one thing or another happening  I have been too busy (or too lazy?) to update the blog…….well anyway here she is finally, delivered by Paul Bowden who was recommended to me by Gardner Douglas, having seen how passionate he is about providing a great service and his enthusiasm for some of the cars that he has moved from one place to another I would highly recommend him.

She looks ridiculously good doesn’t she!……………the paint scheme is from Aston Martin;

  • Body:                     Ceramic Grey (“Q” Range)
  • Wide Stripes:      5073D Quantum Silver (Standard Range)
  • Pinstripes:            Satin Volcano Red (“Q” Range)

For safety’s sake and my own sanity, I had GD prep the body in terms of cutting most of the relevant holes less the Roll Over Hoops which need careful alignment once the Body and Chassis are mated.   Building the trolley has been invaluable.

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