Caliper Refurbishment

I decided undertake the Caliper refurbishment myself having removed the front and the rear calipers from the IRS given the quoted costs in excess of £800.  £120 for “electro cleaning” it was relatively straightforward piece of work with new seals, pistons and other required odds and sods from SNG Barratt.

Rust removal on the calipers was hard work compounded by the need to get into the fiddly nooks and crannies.  This was achieved by using a Dremel (or Craftsman in my case).



The calipers have now been resprayed with a specialist Brake Caliper Paint Kit, supplied by Brake Caliper Specialists based in Long Eaton, Nottingham.   This paint is allegedly better than anything else that you can buy on the market and talking to fellow builders, it comes highly recommended and whilst not perfect, I am really pleased with the outcome.


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