Took the opportunity to apply Dynamat Xtreme© to the boot and cabin. Again I have read mixed comments about the merits of this in the forums as its not exactly going to be a quiet ride! but ther... Read More

Pedal Box

I took the opportunity to fit the pedal box today, removing the pedals and positioning on the bulkhead in the drivers footwell, the frame needs to be mounted as far left as possible whilst leaving suf... Read More

Fuel Filler

I decided to begin work on the Aston style fuel filler. There are no holes drilled in the mounting flange but there are indentations to help. on the underside to aid the drilling of 6x m5 holes. Addit... Read More

Shift Lever

The shift lever hole is slightly off centre (+2cm) transferring the dimensions from the tunnel cover to the body a hole was made using a 102mm hole saw.   The mounting holes in the body act as a hand... Read More


I took the opportunity whilst running the looms to add the front and rear lights removing the default bullet crimps with SuperSeal connectors. The P700’s look lovely despite the body being cover... Read More

Air Intake

The Air Intake kit arrived today which is relatively straight forward to install and requires the nose of the body to be profiled to accommodate the hose. This enables the “whalefin” intak... Read More


The body arrived a few weeks ago but with one thing or another happening  I have been too busy (or too lazy?) to update the blog…….well anyway here she is finally, delivered by Paul Bowd... Read More