Air Intake

The Air Intake kit arrived today which is relatively straight forward to install and requires the nose of the body to be profiled to accommodate the hose. This enables the “whalefin” intak... Read More

T56 Magnum Wiring

The T56 Magnum Wiring requires pigtails to be installed on the corresponding sensors but trying to identify the sensors took a lot longer than expected as most forums, websites and Tremec themselves r... Read More

Engine Mounts

The LS3 Engine Mounts are custom made by GD complimented by stock GM mounts which require grinding down to remove a 3″ filet.  This was then painted with POR15 to protect against any potential... Read More

Ceramic Coating

Having read numerous references to both the benefits and contradictory statements of using a Ceramic Coating on the exhaust manifolds, I finally took the plunge and sent them for coating, primari... Read More