Fuel System

The fuel system consists of filter, pump and regulator connected to using Goodridge 811 hoses and fittings connected to the engine fuel rail via a hardline.   I have yet to set this regulator and wil... Read More

Fuel Filler

One job that has been outstanding for a long time is the actual drill and fit of the Aston fuel filler cap.  M5 holes were drilled and then countersunk within the flange on the filler.  A grommet wa... Read More

Fuel Tank

Also took the opportunity to make a start on the Fuel Tank, mark holes on the top of the tank aligned to the top mounted sender unit with a 7mm drill, install and fit M5 Rivnuts. Adjust the sender uni... Read More

Fuel Filler

I decided to begin work on the Aston style fuel filler. There are no holes drilled in the mounting flange but there are indentations to help. on the underside to aid the drilling of 6x m5 holes. Addit... Read More

Fuel Lines

The front section of the Fuel line is now fitted, nothing too special, standard from GD paying attention to the spacing between P-Clips.  Goodridge -6AN fittings were sourced from Merli... Read More