The headrests were made from marine ply and mounted to the GD bracket, which in turn is drill and tapped (M5) to the rear leg on each Roll Hoop.  The trim of the headset matches that of the seats and... Read More

Dashboard Gauges

I trial fitted the dashboard with gauges for the first time this weekend, this was relatively uneventful other than the need to fettle some of the holes to accomodate the Smiths Gauges.   I lamented... Read More

Interior Trim

The car has recently been sent to Intatrim in Telford to start the interior fit.  I think that you will agree from these initial shots that it is going to look wonderful.  The holes for the gauges h... Read More


Took the opportunity to apply Dynamat Xtreme© to the boot and cabin. Again I have read mixed comments about the merits of this in the forums as its not exactly going to be a quiet ride! but ther... Read More