The Antipodean

The Antipodean has sent me a Christmas Card all the way from down under, which started with….. Merry Christmas you haven’t done much on the Cobra! Charming I thought and then actually I r... Read More


Somewhat belatedly I thought I ought to catchup with the blog.   Team Enigma are streaking ahead with Mazda mayhem and a now sorry looking MX5 donor in a semi-state of undress, clearly the car has a ... Read More

Healy Enigma

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So now my buddy at No.10 has finally succumbed to the bug and has decided to build a Healy Enigma which is an MX5 based interpretation of the Austin Healey.  This is great news as I am sure that we ... Read More


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Dropped a note over to Andy & Meena this week to finalise the build and order for the GDJAG chassis which should be due for collection sometime in late July. Just need to arrange to get the rear a... Read More