T56 Magnum Gearbox

Took the decision to bolt the T56 Magnum Gearbox and engine together this weekend, it took a little fettling and “he who needs to do as he is told” had the good idea of taking the bellhousing off, mounting to the gearbox and then mounting both back on the engine.  It was a little disconcerting to see that once on, that the gearbox is slightly rotated approximately 5º vs. square.

Having satisfied myself that this was normal from browsing a few builder blogs and the Cobra forum.  Everything was disassembled and rebuilt with the Clutch slave cylinder bolted in, new remote bleeder manufactured and presented outside of the case anticipating future ease of maintenance – just need to decide where to mount it! and finally the main hose fitted.

Finally all assembled and two happy campers!………………….just need to get it in now.

If you are interested, the two Goodridge 600 Series hoses were made by Merlin Motorsport at Castle Combe : Part Numbers;

  • G-443-03BNP 3/8 UNF Male Bulkhead w/ bleed nipple
  • G-6001-03P Male : Male
  • G-6046-03P 45º Female Swivel
  • G-305-03-31P M10x1.0 Male
  • G-306-03-35P M10x1.5 Male : Male

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