The Heater was a challenge (tortuous) to install, thankfully I had the benefit of being able to validate my approach alongside those other bloggers that have gone before me. Nonetheless whilst straightforward, it is time consuming and requires quite a considerable amount of work.

Starting with the Heater unit itself;

  1. Remove the fan
  2. Remove the side covers
  3. Remove the heater matrix
  4. Remove the mounting flanges from the side covers
  5. Fit 4x rivnuts noting that they must not impede the Heater Matrix once reinstalled
  6. Make a template and offer it to the bulkhead ensuring that it is both square and that the hose holes within the engine bay also align
  7. Drill, reassemble and fit




















Hoses to the Heater matrix are as equally difficult to fit due to the restricted access in the footwell and need to align with the unit, the requirement to add hose clips compounds the problem further.





























2 thoughts on “Heater

    1. Steve hi

      I haven’t fully connected mine up yet but I am working on the return line being the hose at the lowest point on the matrix (closest to the rear engine bulkhead) this has a 90 deg hose between the heater and the skin of the engine bay. NOT the one with the visible 90 deg hose which is the high pressure hose (connected to the upper matrix union which is usual). On the LS3 the return connects to the narrowest union on the water pump (left as you look at it, side on)

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