More Wiring

The wiring of the car never seems to stop and I had underestimated the amount effort required.  At one point I found it quite demotivating as I hadn’t made the progress nor achieved the milestones that I had set myself.

Despite having the foresight to plan, design and manufacturing fairly extensive looms before installing them, the amount of wiring never seems to reduce.

As I work away from home during the week, I even resorted to taking the dashboard away with me to work in the hotel in the evening, much to the bemusement of the other guests whilst sitting in the lobby bar and I think that the end result did justify the means.

Fortunately, I have now broken the back of it and in a perverse way I did enjoy developing, drawing and maintaining the wiring diagrams as I have always felt that the supplied wiring information and instruction was hopeless and is evidenced by the number of blown fuses as a result of incorrect wiring on the factory provided loom which I have had to correct the gotcha’s;

  • The failure to replace the purple loop with an earth on the horn relay
  • The wiring convention for the side repeater LEDs being incorrectly reversed
  • Translating the Hella Hazard switch wiring to the 3rd party billet dual pole switches that I chose
  • A cable break in the number plate light, sandwiched in the skin of the boot due to a bad splice

I still need to connect the heated seats but this should be relatively straightforward from this point forwards as the switches are installed and tested.

Amazingly, every light, gauge and sensor worked – must have been the Peroni in the Marriott!

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