So what can I say about me?………..I live in Wiltshire and an ex Avionics & Telecommunications Engineer.

The desire to own a Cobra has been with me for a long time but a lack of space, time, money and a young family always seemed to present a challenge, until now.

I suspect that I am not unlike many other dreamers and have spent a long time assembling information, reading, blogging, forums, ebay and the like although I have to confess that whilst the end state has always been crystal clear  – “it will be either Silver with a stripe or Red with a stripe or Blue with a stripe” – I actually had no clue of which kit? which engine? which gearbox? self-build? factory build? or simply buy one? – you know, the minor stuff and as long as it is either Black, Blue, Silver or Red we will be okay!   So a few decisions;

  • I want to build, not buy.
  • I want something that could be used for European road trips.
  • I want reliability and ease of maintenance.

To be candid, I consciously restricted my research to AK, Dax and Gardner Douglas and whilst there were pro’s and con’s to each manufacturer a few emails later and a day with Meena at Gardner Douglas in late September, confirmed the decision – a GDJAG based MkIV with LS3 and T56 Magnum gearbox.

According to she who must be obeyed,  I had apparently wasted years deliberating and fact finding as the decision was, apparently, very simple.

“……She was a nice helpful lady, that car we saw was a nice colour and there were no shiny things down the side – lets have that one!”

Just like Ware Armitage and what will no doubt become a scene from Monte Carlo or Bust,  this is my blog recording the trials, tribulations and processes of my GD427 build – “The Nifty Nine”.  I am not by any means an expert on either Blogs, Kit Cars or Cobra builds but I will be trying to build it well and to the best of my ability, you can follow my progress here at the Nifty Nine Cobra!