Number Plate Light

One of the jobs over Winter was to route the 2 core wire for the number plate light through the double skin of the GRP boot for the number plate light from the hinge mounting point.

GD actually leave a pre-installed a wire in between the boot lid skins at the point of manufacture however I was unable to establish any continuity when testing with a multimeter which left me with little option other than to remove and replace.    This involved lots of measuring prior to drilling notably as my body is already painted and I was keen to ensure that there was minimal damage and I was also paranoid about appearing on the wrong side with my drill!

Drilling 15 mm holes and a significant amount of cussing and firking (technical term) with a scriber, I eventually managed to route the cable through and eventually fishing the wire out.

I have seen numerous good examples of brackets to hold the actual number plate itself on other blogs which I will fabricate later.


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