Roll Bars

This is the job that everyone is nervous to undertake but I was terrified! Primarily, because I had the body painted with a custom paintjob prior to taking receipt – the drilling and fitting of ... Read More

Dashboard Layout

After much debate and lots of procrastination I elected to plunder on with drilling the dashboard holes for the gauges and buttons adding +3mm diameter with the trusty Dremel to accommodate the leathe... Read More

Water Pump

I have had a few messages regarding the LS3 water pump, so I have reposted a page from I have referred to this site a number of occasions; A = Water pump outlet to heater core, 5/8R... Read More

Number Plate Light

One of the jobs over Winter was to route the 2 core wire for the number plate light through the double skin of the GRP boot for the number plate light from the hinge mounting point. GD actually leave ... Read More

Castle Combe

Had a great Supercar Saturday at Castle Combe with me old petrol head mate Mr Stok, in support of the stroke association. With 70+ cars spanning multiple generations, Stok was seduced by the Ford GT40... Read More