T56 Wiring Loom

In preparation for mounting the body, I decided to take loom the 3x T56 Magnum pigtail connections (6 wires) from the transmission installed a few weeks ago. These were wrapped in split 6.5mm convolu... Read More

Fuel Tank

Also took the opportunity to make a start on the Fuel Tank, mark holes on the top of the tank aligned to the top mounted sender unit with a 7mm drill, install and fit M5 Rivnuts. Adjust the sender uni... Read More


Took the opportunity to apply Dynamat Xtreme© to the boot and cabin. Again I have read mixed comments about the merits of this in the forums as its not exactly going to be a quiet ride! but ther... Read More

Pedal Box

I took the opportunity to fit the pedal box today, removing the pedals and positioning on the bulkhead in the drivers footwell, the frame needs to be mounted as far left as possible whilst leaving suf... Read More

Fuel Filler

I decided to begin work on the Aston style fuel filler. There are no holes drilled in the mounting flange but there are indentations to help. on the underside to aid the drilling of 6x m5 holes. Addit... Read More

Shift Lever

The shift lever hole is slightly off centre (+2cm) transferring the dimensions from the tunnel cover to the body a hole was made using a 102mm hole saw.   The mounting holes in the body act as a hand... Read More


The Heater was a challenge (tortuous) to install, thankfully I had the benefit of being able to validate my approach alongside those other bloggers that have gone before me. Nonetheless whilst straigh... Read More

Wiring Loom #1

This has been a very time consuming task, primarily attributable to the need to record the colour of every cable, plug and socket on every loom due to the absence of a single definitive set of instruc... Read More