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The Antipodean

The Antipodean has sent me a Christmas Card all the way from down under, which started with….. Merry Christmas you haven’t done much on the Cobra! Charming I thought and then actually I r... Read More


The body arrived a few weeks ago but with one thing or another happening  I have been too busy (or too lazy?) to update the blog…….well anyway here she is finally, delivered by Paul Bowd... Read More

Wiring & Electrics

Now this bit should be easy but I have a hunch that it is going to be quite the opposite having spent ages trying to get an accurate pinout of the front and rear loom wiring, finally reverting to deve... Read More

Fuel Lines

The front section of the Fuel line is now fitted, nothing too special, standard from GD paying attention to the spacing between P-Clips.  Goodridge -6AN fittings were sourced from Merli... Read More


The CHB Alloy Wheels are Halibrand replicas from Image Wheels complete with centre plate and spinner for the classic knock-on aesthetic I also chose the following; 18” CHB – Halibrand Replicas Gra... Read More

Steering Alignment

Today saw me commence the process of Steering Alignment. Beginning with the fit of the steering rack to the mounting points on the chassis GD supplies the rack with split polyurethane bushes which whi... Read More

Engine Mounts

The LS3 Engine Mounts are custom made by GD complimented by stock GM mounts which require grinding down to remove a 3″ filet.  This was then painted with POR15 to protect against any potential... Read More

Ceramic Coating

Having read numerous references to both the benefits and contradictory statements of using a Ceramic Coating on the exhaust manifolds, I finally took the plunge and sent them for coating, primari... Read More