I managed to ascertain from the tags on the rear cover that the diff was a “3.54 Power-Lok” having drained the oil, she who must be obeyed apparently packed them beautifully in a crate, st... Read More

Rear Axle

Sooooo………….the IRS Refurbishment; I finally managed to get into the garage this weekend having battled with suppliers, their international support and crazy locals who work at ... Read More

Healy Enigma

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So now my buddy at No.10 has finally succumbed to the bug and has decided to build a Healy Enigma which is an MX5 based interpretation of the Austin Healey.  This is great news as I am sure that we ... Read More


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Dropped a note over to Andy & Meena this week to finalise the build and order for the GDJAG chassis which should be due for collection sometime in late July. Just need to arrange to get the rear a... Read More

Stoneleigh 2015

Stoneleigh tickets arrived in the post yesterday for all three of us; me, she who must be obeyed (the wife) and he who must do as he is told (the boy).  Last year we found some great bargains and... Read More


The recovery of the donor parts commenced today having created my own electrolysis bath to remove the rust and years of grime, having taken a second mortgage for wire brushes, gunk and a variety of de... Read More