Pedal Box

I took the opportunity to fit the pedal box today, removing the pedals and positioning on the bulkhead in the drivers footwell, the frame needs to be mounted as far left as possible whilst leaving sufficient space for the carpet at some point in the future.    I have seen no definitive measurement of where the pedal box should actually fit so I elected to fit the frame so its sits roughly 10mm below the curved ledge / horizontal corner section of the engine bay.

By marking and drilling the centre hole first, you can temporarily fit the frame in place which makes it much easier to mark the other holes.

A point to note is that the frame is heavy, finding a wedge to assist propping it up is helpful – I used a breaker bar – also take the opportunity to drill and tap the frame to mount the stainless brake light bracket.

Fit the cylinders by mounting them with the supplied bolts and nylocs – which is achievable on your own – reaching through the hole created by the extended footwell and also into the bulkhead from the behind and using 2x 13mm spanners.  The cable hanging from the left in the picture above is the side indicator which has yet to be wrapped and fixed.


I took the opportunity whilst I had the pedal box in pieces to fit the Dynamat Extreme™ acoustic and heat insulation.   I shall fit the OBP Brake Bias Bar in a few days time when i am next in the garage in conjunction with the bulkhead connectors, fixed and braided hoses supplied by Gardner Douglas  – once she who must be obeyed, gives me a pass!


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