Rear Lights

Fitting the reversing and fog light was straightforward, these were mounted to the chrome stand-offs made by Gardner Douglas to compensate for the curvature of the rear of the body.

Minor fettling was required to the actual lamp housing to remove the moulded mounting studs as they are insufficiently long enough to pass through the stand-offs and the body of ther car.  These were replaced with M4x 45mm stainless button head bolts.

Since 2013, IVA requires that the fog light Rear Fog lamps must only be lit when the Dipped, Main Beam or Front Fog lamps are lit.  The Rear Fog Lamps may continue to operate until the other lights are switched off. 

The rear fog lamps must then remain off, even if the other lights are switched on again, until they are deliberately switched on again so I bought this small controller from Car Builder Solutions

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