Reassembling the IRS

Having received the Differential back, it was time to start the reassembling of the IRS beginning with refitting and wire locking the Fulcrum mounts.  Followed by fitting new UJ’s to both ends of the half shafts and then fitting the refurbished hub carriers.

Next came the inboard brake calipers, fitting new pistons, seals and retainers (SNG Barratt AAU3380).

As it has been several months since stripping and repainting the calipers I needed to remove the residual surface rust from the caliper bores, using Wet and Dry 600 grade (wet) and then applying Red Rubber Grease to the bores, new pistons and seals made installation relatively easy.

Using the Dremel to undertake some minor fettling to remove paint overspray.  EBC Redstuff, brake pads in conjunction with new EBC Slotted Rotors “USR” were fitted to conclude a productive day.

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