Roll Bars

This is the job that everyone is nervous to undertake but I was terrified! Primarily, because I had the body painted with a custom paintjob prior to taking receipt – the drilling and fitting of the roll bars.

This job cannot be undertaken until the body is mounted to the chassis.  Alignment with the mounting points is then required which requires careful planning, measuring and measuring again.  The mounting points consist of 2x hard points on the chassis and the third is fabricated by cutting a rectangular hole and mounting a bracket (available from GD) in conjunction with the shock absorber.

Firstly, a centre line was established using a self levelling laser in both the horizontal and vertical planes which, to be candid, was brilliant.


Multiple iterations of measurement subsequently ensued and pilot holes drilled upwards from the underside and then suitably opened using a 90º drill head and holesaw.

This allowed the laser line to be relocated over the centre of the hole and using the vertical plane, a dot was projected to the underside of the body marking the centre point, this was drilled with the Dremel and using a trusty needle and cotton as a makeshift plumb-bob validated, as being “true”


Finally all holes were fettled and filled to ensure that they remain water proof.

Attention then turned to the drilling the 6x holes on the body noting that the rear legs have a different diameter to the front legs.  Having done this for each pilot hole there were no adjustments to make and so it was simply a case of drilling with the hole saw, slightly oversized to accommodate the body grommet (4@ 60mm (front) and 2@ 51mm (rear)).


Some fettling is required to slightly widen the holes in the boot to accommodate the legs more snuggly, which can then be sealed.


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