Roll Hoops – Final Fit

As part of the boot trimming, a final fit of the Roll Hoops was undertaken to ensure sufficient clearance for the installation of the Rubber Grommets, these had to be trimmed slightly as did the body to be able to accomodate them, with the Dremel.

Finally fixing the hoops to the body for the last time, I also took the opportunity to seal around the bases with Sikaflex to make them waterproof.   The boot itself is trimmed in leather and carpet to match the cockpit.

The surrounding area of fuel pump and filters were “boxed in” using MDF and then trimmed in matching leather to give a more professional finish.  All cables are terminated in superseal connectors less those that connect to the fuel sender and interior light, which is manually activated.

The final task is to fit a stainless pneumatic strut rather than the bulkier one provided by Gardner Douglas, this will also match the struts on the bonnet.

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