Somewhat belatedly I thought I ought to catchup with the blog.   Team Enigma are streaking ahead with Mazda mayhem and a now sorry looking MX5 donor in a semi-state of undress, clearly the car has a mind of its own and like most ladies resents having her underwear removed and the old gal saw fit to give Enigma boy a thick lip for his efforts associated with trying to remove something that she wanted to hang on to.

So in need or a break and a leisurely stroll out in the sunshine(ish) teams Enigma and Gardner Douglas enjoyed a great day out at Stoneleigh.

“….”thank god” I say, having over-promised and under-delivered in the latter months of last year when we christened the Enigma kids at Brands Hatch….”

Having spent a small fortune, walked our legs off a good time was had by all.  As usual all of the cars on display were resplendent.   She who must be obeyed and I spent sometime with Meena, Andy and Sue on the GD stand which served to remind us as that the blood, sweat and tears are not all in vain and that the mess in the garage, the empty bank account and absence of food on the table is worthwhile and thankfully,  my recommendation of going to Stoneleigh paid off……….I was finally redeemed!

As always a great selection of motors.





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