T56 Magnum Wiring

The T56 Magnum Wiring requires pigtails to be installed on the corresponding sensors but trying to identify the sensors took a lot longer than expected as most forums, websites and Tremec themselves refer to but don’t actually show the sensor locations so I have included them below with pigtails fitted prior to mounting the bodyshell.

Above shows the reverse lockout solenoid on the nearside of the gearbox.

The mechanical take-off point plugged with a purpose built plug from Bowler Transmission (who also supplied all of the pigtails shown on this page).

Reverse light switch shown connected on the offside of the gearbox shown above.

Electronic Vehicle Speed Sensor again on the offside of the gearbox with Yellow & Purple tail fitted.  What is worthy of note is that the T56 Magnum uses a Ford connector whereas the non Magnum is GM.

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