Wiring Looms – Reverse Lockout, Hazards and IVA Fog Light Controller

Reverse Lockout Solenoid

With Reverse and 5th Gear so close to each oth­er on the T56 / T56 Mag­num Six-Speed manu­al trans­mis­sions, the poten­tial for acci­dent­ally enga­ging reverse whilst chan­ging for fifth is a ser­i­ous and poten­tially dan­ger­ous risk which can be mit­ig­ated by util­ising the Reverse Lock­out Solen­oid.

Hazard Lighting

IVA Fog Light Controller

In June 2013 the rules for switching on and off your Rear Fog Lights changed requiring that the Rear Fog lamps must only be lit when the Dipped Beam, Main Beam or Front Fog lamps are lit.  The Rear Fog Lamps may continue to operate until the other lights are switched off. The rear fog lamps must then remain off, even if the other lights are switched on again, until they are deliberately switched on again.

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